The 6 Premium Blends

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If you would like your beans ground, please choose the type of grind, otherwise leave grind on "Whole Bean". There is a 50 cents per pound charge for grinding.
We have the lowest minimum wholesale order of 12 pounds of premium coffee. (Any combination of blends to equal a total of 12 pounds) If you are ordering 5 LBS or more of a certain blend of coffee, you may request that blend quantity in 5 LBS bags or 1 LBS bags. And we have the lowest wholesale price of $8.95 per pound of coffee. 

Bosun's Blend





This is a Whole Bean Dark Roast Coffee For those Salty Sailors who need extra energy to climb the rigging or handle the lines.



Who Says a Medium-Dark Roast Decaf Coffee Can't Taste Good? This Full Bodied Blend Will Help You Defend the Homeland.

Reveille Roast





This Whole Bean, Medium Roast Coffee, is a Powerful Blend that Will Help Drag You Out of the Rack & Jumpstart Your Day!



This Whole Bean, Medium Roast, Let's You Fly High with a Powerful Blend of High-Altitude, High-Octane Coffees.

R & R Roast





Kickback with a Whole Bean, Medium Roast Coffee that is an Ideal Blend to Start Your First Day of Liberty and EveryDay After.

Recon Roast


This Whole Bean, Dark Roast Coffee is Extremely Dark & Stealthy. This Robust Blend Will Keep You Alert Behind Enemy Lines.